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Preparations pastors need to make:

Because of the nature and intensity of Second Wind, it becomes important to have a certain number of pastors/couples registered, e.g., too small of a group does not provide maximum group experiences and too large of a group does not allow the necessary personal counseling time with counselors. We have found that the optimal group size for what we desire to accomplish is between four and five pastors plus spouses.

Five weeks before the assessment

  • Payment is made.
  • Pastors and spouses e-mail addresses are sent to the counselors.
  • Pastors immediately begin working on the six instruments, which will be filled out online. It is important that the pastor and spouse not procrastinate. Each of the seven instruments will take from 30 to 90 minutes to complete. Pastors must be able to commit to a minimum of five hours to complete the assessments in a careful yet timely manner. The pastor’s spouse is required to take them all — not just “some” -- this will provide consistency.

Four weeks before the assessment

  • Pastors and spouses make their airline flight arrangements, if applicable.
  • An information form and informed consent is sent to each pastor to be filled out and returned within one week. These documents must be signed and returned to Dave Gallagher.
  • Each pastor and their spouse will be asked to make one ten minute presentation (each) on his or her passion in ministry by finishing this sentence: “I am never happier than when I . . .” Please come prepared to make the presentations at any time.
  • Second Wind really begins 30 days prior to the assessment at Green Lake which means that we are watching to see how you respond to e-mails, how quickly you complete and return the application, how you respond to completing the instruments and how much time we need to spend prodding you to complete these tasks.

One week before the assessment all final details are confirmed.

Dress: Dress is casual for the assessment.